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Castrol Tribol GR CLS 2 - 400grs

Castrol Tribol GR CLS 2 - 400grs

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  • Castrol Tribol( GR CLS 2 Water-resistant long-term grease NLGI 2

    Castrol Tribolb GR CLS 2 (previously called Olitd CLS) is lithium/calcium based extremely water-resistant high performance grease.
    Volume: 400g cartridge
    Also available in: 5kg bucket, 18kg bucket, 50kg barrel, 180kg barrel
    It protects against wear and is optimally suited for long-term application and long relubrication intervals. Its extreme resistance against water, caustic soda and detergents guarantees high operational reliability even under aggressive ambient conditions.
    In progressive centralized lubricating systems Tribol GR CLS 2 is easily pumpable and maintains its grease and long-term stability even under high operating pressures above 350 bar
    In highly loaded sliding and rolling bearings.
    Under difficult operating conditions, i.e. lubricating points exposed to weather, humidity, dust and high loads.
    As underwater grease for dredgers, lifting devices etc. in gravel plants and sewage treatment plants.
    For bearing lubrication in the beverage and sugar industries.
    In progressive centralized lubricating systems even under high working pressures above 350 bar.
    Temperature application range: - 30°C/- 22°F to + 120°C/+ 248°F
    High resistance against: water, detergents and caustic soda
    Optimum sealing of bearings due to water-resistant grease collar
    Excellently pumpable in centralized lubricating systems, no blocking of the distributors
    Aging-resistant and shear-stable
    Long-term stability
    Excellent pressure resistance
    Very good corrosion protection
    Technical specifications
    Colour: Beige
    Base oil: Mineral
    Thickener type: Lithium- Calcuim
    Worked Penetration (60 strokes @ 25 °C/77 °F) 0.1 mm: 265-295
    Density @ 20 °C/68 °F kg/m³: 905
    Dropping point °C/°F: 150/300
    Water Resistance, Rating: 1

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