Model: Castrol OPTITEMP RB2
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Castrol OPTITEMP RB2 - 400gr

Castrol OPTITEMP RB2 - 400gr

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  • Castrol OPTITEMP RB2 is a light-beige special grease based on polyalphaolefins for the lubrication of cables in robots

    Lifetime lubrication of cables
    Easy application (manual or with spraying gun) due to the soft structure of the product
    OPTITEMP RB 2 guarantees an easy, low-friction shifting and sliding of cables at rails, walls and of insulating plastic tubes
    Grease-lubricated sliding surfaces
    Temperature application range: -50°C/-58°F to +120°C/+248°F
    Compatible with elastomers and plastics such as PUR, PVC, Polyester, used in modern robots due to a high
    number of different elastomer qualities we recommend compatibility test with original elastomers
    No impairment if in contact with two-component sliding lacquers, top coat RAL
    Compatible with paints i.e. no impairment of car body surfaces
    Resistant to weld chips i.e. red hot metal chips generated during welding do not ignite the grease or the base oil
    Optimum wear protection
    Good water resistance
    No drying of the product
    No skin irritations?
    Technical specifications
    Colour: light beige
    Base oil: lithium
    Worked Penetration (60 strokes @ 25°C / 77°F)  0.1 mm:  265 - 295
    Dropping point °C/°F: 190/374
    Water Resistance: 0
    Rust Test - EMCOR (distilled water): 0/0
    Copper Corrosion (24 hrs,100°C / 212°F): 1
    Oil Separation (168 hrs @ 40°C / 104°F): % wt  3
    Size: 400 g
    Packaging type: cartridge
    Also available in: 1kg can, 17kg bucket, 48kg drum

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