Model: Castrol - Molub-Alloy Paste White T
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Castrol - Molub-Alloy Paste White T - 100GR

Castrol - Molub-Alloy Paste White T - 100GR


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  • Molub-Alloy Paste White T - 100GR

    White paste for clean assembly work, prevents fretting corrosion

    MOLUB-ALLOY( PASTE WHITE T (previously named Optimolm Paste White T) is excellently suited for all assembly
    work as well as for base or thin-film lubrication. White, almost colorless when applied as thin layer.
    The paste prevents
    fretting corrosion and facilitates assembly and disassembly.
    It is resistant to hot and cold water and protects against
    Universal application as assembly paste.
    Prevents fretting corrosion especially when exposed to vibrations Avoids stick-slip.
    For machines subject to frictional vibrations.
    Avoids squeaking noises in hydraulic cylinders and open lubrication points Temperature application range: -
    30°C/-22°F to +250°C/+482°F
    Clean application.
    Easy assembly and disassembly .
    Prevents fretting corrosion.
    Good separating property for all types of contact.
    Resistant to hot and cold water.
    Good corrosion protection.
    Typical Characteristics
    Name Method Units
    Colour Visual - white
    Base - - Mineral oil
    Worked Penetration (60 strokes @ 25°C / 77°F) ASTM D217 / ISO 2137 0.1 mm 310-340
    Density @ 20°C / 68°F Inhouse method kg/m³ 1160
    Water Resistance DIN 51807-1 Rating 1
    Rust Test - EMCOR (distilled water) ASTM D6138 / ISO 11007 Rating 0
    Erichsen Screw test DIN EN ISO 16047 total friction 0.11
    Subject to usual manufacturing tolerances

    Additional Information
    Clean surface. Apply even layer of MOLUB-ALLOY PASTE WHITE T with a brush or a lint-free cloth.
    For paste-specific applications - cannot replace oil or grease lubrication.
    Shake spray can well before use; spray thin and even layer onto lubricating surface.
    This product was previously named Optimolp Paste White T.


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